Felix Recruitment Services for Clients

"Our objective is to provide an efficient, bespoke, cost-effective sales recruitment solution to all our clients by understanding their business needs, maintaining close personal contact and providing a true 'value-add' service."

Why do our clients choose us?

  • The Felix Sales Recruitment Database;
  • Every client is allocated a specialist, dedicated, account manager;
  • Proven Headhunting Skills;
  • Off-site interview facilities at our Dublin offices;
  • Cross-sector salary/package information;
  • National advertising campaigns;
  • Full National coverage;
  • The Felix Network;

    At Felix Recruitment we believe that the successful outcome of a recruitment exercise and the subsequent success of the placed candidate can be heavily influenced by those involved in the assessment and investigation of a candidates skills, experience, successes and failures, style and personality.



      The first stage of the process is applied during the applicant's initial contact with Felix Recruitment. We believe that a successful salesperson should be able to deal with most situations in a professional and thorough manner.


      A good sales professional understands that anyone can have an impact on a decision to buy and thus always conduct themselves in a professional and polite manner. All applicants are assessed from the moment they arrive.


      All applicants are interviewed on site at our offices where deemed necessary. Having previously received the applicants CV, we consider all aspects of the applicants education and career history are thoroughly probed.

    We investigate all aspects of the person, including the following:

    • Career History
    • Communication
    • Record of success
    • Motivators & Motivation
    • The Next Position

    Interested in our services?

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