Jan 22, 2019 2:22 PM

IT Recruitment : Survive Day 1 In Your New Job

Get there early:

It should go without saying, you are expected to turn up to work on time, but there is a lot of benefit in getting there a little early so you can find your bearings and make a good impression. Being one of the last people to leave at the end of the day is also a good way to get a feel for the office culture, whilst coming across as a dedicated worker.

Dress appropriately:

Just like your interview, you should always be dressed appropriately for your job, steering on the side of caution on your first day. You will have most likely been informed of the dress code on receiving the job offer, or noticed the general attire on your tour of the building, when you attended your interview. There is no harm in being smarter than necessary in the beginning, you will soon know which clothes to pick out in the morning. Be aware that your appearance will affect people’s initial judgement of you.

Be friendly and sociable:

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself first and make a note of remembering people’s names and anything they tell you about themselves. A genuine smile goes a long way in any situation, more so when meeting new people. Make the effort to be sociable during breaks and consider accepting any after-work drinks invitations.

Take lots of notes:


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You will definitely be given a lot of information on your first day so have a notebook and pen at the ready. It is probably a wise idea to avoid too much outside communication so you can better immerse yourself in your surroundings and take more in.

Listen and ask questions:

Being attentive will not only get you on the right footing with people, it will also help you to remember what you are being told. Likewise, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the company, the database, the social culture, or even personal ones to break the ice with people.

Don’t forget…

Plan your commute carefully the night before, if necessary, as well as what you’re going to wear and any food you want to take in. Having cash is a good idea, just in case the coffee van comes by. Say thank you to anyone who has helped you on your first day and don’t be too hard on yourself- remember, everyone had to start somewhere!

Author: Amechi Peirce-Howe is the director at London-based IT and Business specialist recruitment company,Red10. With over 25 years experience in recruitment, he is always willing to impart his wisdom to those looking for a new job or career change.

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