Jan 22, 2019 2:40 PM


It’s more important than ever to maintain a good LinkedIn profile. 9/10 recruitment agents or employers check an individuals LinkedIn profile before they decide to contact a potential candidate. Make sure you get recruiters to see the best possible online profile.

This useful infographic, provided by Armstrong Appointments and posted by Social Media Week, details ten essential steps to optimising your LinkedIn profile. Stand out, be active and you’ll be found by the best employers out there!


  • Decide on what you’re looking for, then you’ll attract the correct type of recruits.
  • Use the summary box! This is your online personal elevator pitch. Think about what makes your different and keywords.
  • If you use other social networks in conjunction with LinkedIn, keep a similar message on all of your profiles, as it’s likely that recruiters will look at more than just your LinkedIn.
  • Update your profile frequently. Being active on LinkedIn can only be positive. Brag to listening employers your latest achievements or you can even tell them your career goals: Maybe the users listening are the key to them!

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